I am getting more recognition from people. Things have definitely changed after the success of two films. I don’t know if all this means that I am a star.

Anonymous asked: khnh or main hoon na?

Done! Thank you :))

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make me choose between~
anonymous asked: kal ho naa ho or main hoon na


When Bollywood copies Zayn x/x

Bollywood Aur Dosti

"Do not think you are playing against 16 boys. You are fighting everyone in this country who think girls can never match up to men, cannot hold a job as well as a man, cannot make decisions like men. You are fighting each fool who has forgotten that if a girl has given life to him, she can do anything. Anything."

make me choose
anonymous asked: fred or and george weasley

make me choose

bollywoodkamazaa: sidharth or varun?


Bandwagons roll through our lives. It’s up to you whether you jump on them unquestioningly or jump on them to overturn them and subvert them. I feel privileged that I have been part of projects that have overturned assumptions in that narrative.”


Then entered Abhimanyu